Jukka-Pekka Kervinen

Site launched


Trying to organize my output somehow. My original idea of using pseudonyms was organizing principle: different moniker for different music and its structural basis. A kind of self-organizing system to "categorize" my production. As with many of my theoretical ideas, it didn't work. At all. Instead of less work, it has generated much more work. That's common too.

A short history of origins of pseudonyms:

d0x10 => from a NES assembler program
Ganglion Cyst => from my right wrist
Baden Dangit => anagram of databending
Lunar Rag => anagram of granular
cR-teK => slapping my laptop keyboard few times
Bo Lit => anagram of lobit
Trash B. Lit => derivative of above
DiZE7 => random computer-generated string

Most links are not yet working, this is just a start. The set of links under music on this page will go different sites containing my pieces.